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No Sugar Dog Biscuits 700g

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No Sugar Dog Biscuits 700g



Ingredients: Wheat flour, Maize Powder, Permitted Preservatives Sodium salt, Emulsifier, Fish oil, Caramel Chicken Powder, Thickening Agent, Wheat Protein.

Benefits of No Sugar Dog Biscuits:

  • Reduce the Liver Failure.(Helpful in preventing the development of Liver Failure:
  • Control the Blood Sugar.(Increase the hyperglycemia in body/Sugar increase the glucose level in blood.
  • No Diabetes Problems.(Reduce the glucose level in blood)
  • No Obesity Problems.(Sugar increase the diabetes mellitus II this is directly effect on obesity)
  • No Dental Problems.(Controlled the acid formation in mouth to destroyed the tooth enamel) Suitable for All Dogs and No Artificial Sweeteners)

Nutrition Value

Protein Max. 15%, Fat Max.  8% , Fiber Max. 4%, Ash content Max. 1.3%, Calcium content Max. 1.2%

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