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Scoobee Puppy all breed Egg flavour Cereal 400 gms

Scoobee Puppy all breed Egg flavour Cereal 400 gms


Puppy Cereals The Pet Industry in India is growing at an impressive rate of 21% per annum to reach INR 1.8 billion from 2013 to 2018. Expenditure on pet care products especially pet foods, pet health care and dietary supplements are constantly increasing.

Dogs have bundles of energy, enthusiasm and excitement but need exercise. Products designed for increased working efficiency are available as treats. The energy requirement of a working dog depends on the intensity and duration of the exercise. Types of work are — racing, guarding, aiding the disabled and scenting for drugs or explosives etc. A well trained and maintained dog is a matter of pride. The pup should be trained with utmost tenderness and care. When pet parents make training activities enjoyable and rewarding, their pet’s learn quickly. You should pet the dog with love and affection and reward her with treats. Working dogs in humid climate experience slight increase in energy needs and a reduction in appetite. In addition to a highly digestible energy diet, the dog must receive supplements of vitamins and minerals also.


Feeding a high fat and protein treat during endurance performance is preferred. Puppy cereals offers a taste that dogs love and is also good for their health. Dogs loose water primarily through respiration. The water loss can be 10 -20 times during exercise. Even mild dehydration can lead to reduced work efficiency. As such dogs should have plenty of clean drinking water always.

Nutritional Analysis:

Crude protein (min) 10%, Fats/Oils 8%, Crude Fiber (max) 2%, Moisture k max) 12%, Metabolizable Energy 3600 kcal/kg.

Feeding Ingredients

Chick powder, meat meal, wheat, rice, sugar, oats, glycerin, milk powder, egg powder. sodium meta bi sulphate, chic seeds, linseed, fish oil, whey protein. Vitamins and minerals premix, permissible flavors and preservatives.

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
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