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Achiever Dog Food Starter

Achiever Dog Food Starter



Achiever’s Starter Food it is a complete food of international standards for your bitch, at the end of gestation, during lactation and weaning of puppies upto 2 months of age. A pregnant bitch must have sufficient amounts of extra amino-acids, vitamins, and minerals to maintain the needs of the fetuses. During lactation period your bitch needs considerable amounts of nutrients for the nourishment of her pups. This depends upon the number of fetuses. It is an exclusive combination of nutrients present for promotion of better health and growth of young ones.


  1. Nutritionally balanced and highly palatable feed ingredients are used. It prevents the high volume of loose stools due to high fiber content.
  2. It is scientifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your dog’s sexual cycle, pregnancy, and early lactation.
  3. Contains optimum levels of essential amino-acids, fatty acids and folic acid.

Recommended Daily Feed

Dog’s requirement depends upon it’s body weight, temperature and working status. It is as under-

Body Weight                                                          Feed intake (gms)

Small (Upto 10kg)                                                      150-300

Medium (10-20kg)                                                     300- 600

Large(more than 20kg)                                              600-900

After parturition, the females are given food as under

Weaning Pups                                                  Adult Weight

(age in weeks)                                           Less than 10 kg   10-25 kg  More than 25 kg

0 – 2 weeks                                                 Mother’s milk only

3-4 weeks                                                    90 g           110 g          120 g

4-5 weeks                                                    150 g          165 g          170 g

5 – 6 weeks                                                  170 g           180 g          190 g

6- 8 weeks                                                    225 g          235 g          250 g

Note –  Total feed should be divided in 2-3 bits and given in a day to reduce the risk of gastric trouble

Scoobee’s USB is its dog food product Achiever.Achiever dog food is specially formulated keeping in mind the nutritional needs of your dog. Good nutrition keeps at bay nasty health problems keeping your best friend healthy.


Moisture (max) 10%, Crude Protein(min) 26%, Fat/Oil(min) 11% , Crude Fiber(max) 4%, Calcium 1.1%, Phosphorus 0.8%, Met, Energy 3600 kcal/kg.

Feed ingredients

Hydrolyzed protein, skim milk powder, egg and meat powder, soya meal, maize gluten meal, carotenoids, maize, gluten meal, carotenoids, maize, wheat and rice, yeast, probiotics, flavors and preservatives.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

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