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Achiever Dog Biscuits Box 1 kg

Achiever Dog Biscuits Box 1 kg

Freshly baked cookies for dogs 1 Kg



We are the only establishment which has its own in house bakery for all biscuit products.

Research studies confirm that both dogs and cats fed from infancy to adult hood to senior age benefit from an adequate intake of nutrients in terms of a long and healthy life. A diet fed to your pet before whelping and during lactation allows puppies to lead improved performance in growth. skin health and it’s coat characters besides more trainable pups.
1 Unique crispy mouth feeling.

2. Assorted multi flavours make pet enjoy the taste.

3. Fully digestive and totally absorbed nutrients by your pet

4. Satisfy pet’s nutritional reeds fully chew makes fresh breath and good for teeth cleaning,

Nutritional Analysis

Protein (min) 10%, Fat/Oil 4%, Crude Fiber (max) 4%, Calcium li.1%, Moisture 10%, Net Energy 3500 kcal/kg.

Feed ingredients:

Wheat flour. maize powder. salt, emulsifier, fish oil, caramel, meat meal, cocoa. chicken powder, wheat protein, malt, oat meal, egg and milk powder. flavours and preservatives.
Available in chicken, milky and strawberry flavors.


Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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