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Achiever Dog Food Adult

Achiever Dog Food Adult



Achievers Adult Food is perfectly balanced. The large breed dogs are subject to early aging. joint sensitivity, heart, and digestible troubles. Glucosamine hydro-chloride and chondroitin sulphate help in maintaining healthy joint cartilage. Optimal amine-acids in the diet promotes overall health and vitality to your dog.


  1. Balanced food avoids obesity, hip dysplasia, and nutritional deficiencies.
  2. It consists of highly digestible and palatable ingredients. This prevents a high volume of loose stools due to the use of less digestible feed ingredients.
  3. Right and controlled amounts of calcium and phosphorus to prevent skeletal disorders.
  4. The use of I-carnitine a natural fat burner helps to maintain a healthy lean body.
  5. It contains optimum levels of copper and zinc for a healthy skin coat.

How to introduce The Adult Food

Day 1     85% current food + 15% new Adult Food

Day 2     70% current food + 30% new Adult Food

Day 3     55% current food +   45% new Adult Food

Day 4     40% current food + 60% new Adult Food

Day 5      25% current food + 75% new Adult Food

Day 6      10% current food +  90% new Adult Food

Day 7        100% current food + nil new Adult Food

Note  –  Some dogs take a longer time than others to change their food habits. Continue with the mixture

for some time say 3-5 days more.

Recommended Daily Feeding

Dog’s requirements depend upon its body weight, temperature and working status. The feed should not be provided in excess so that the dog becomes obese. Weighing your dog a monthly interval is necessary to monitor the actual requirement for good health.

Bodyweight                                                        Daily Requirement of Feed

Small (up to  10 kg)                                            150-300 gm

Medium (10- 20 kg)                                            300-600 gm

Large (20- 50 kg)                                                  600-900 gm


Moisture (max) 10%, Crude Protein(min) 22%, Fat/Oil(min) 10%, Fiber(max) 5%, Calcium 1.1%, Phosphorus 0.8%, Met Energy 3500 kcal/kg.

Feed ingredients:

Casein, milk powder, egg and meat powder, full-fat soya, maize gluten meal linseed meal, rice, maize and wheat, yeast, probiotics, vitamin, minerals, flavors, and preservatives.

Additional information

Weight 15000 g
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 in

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