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About Us


Scoobee pet products are manufactured, Importers, traders, distributors and wholesaler of pet products. we have more than 2200 products

We were established in 1951.

We have a network from Jammu & Kashmir to Kerala in India; we also supply products to our neighbouring country such as Katmandu and Shri Lanka. The company has developed self-dealers and across India to market its products under brand same Scoobee, Achiever and  Surya brand.

We have our manufacturing units in Narela, Preêt Vihar, Wazirpur industrial area and rai industrial area of:-

1 Dog collar, belt, cloth and dog bed

2 Dog chain and polish plant

3 Dog food

4 Dog biscuits

5 Dog snacks

6 dog cages

We have our branches in

– Scoobee Delhi: B-26/4, Wazirpur industrial area, Delhi

-Scoobee Mumbai: shop no 6, plot no 260, Kharghar, Mumbai

-Scoobee Orissa

-Scoobee Gujrat: ag-46, Amrapali shopping mall, Hanbali, Ahmedabad

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